Sunday, August 20, 2017

First Book Out in February 2018

"A Darker Blues"

Poetry, short stories, and essays.

Second poem, "I Began to Build Myself a Birdcage" (See Below) has sold.  Oh, HARPER'S.

New Essential: Chokehold

My read over the last week.

"The United States is a country of gross racial inequality."

How true, how true.

Paul Butler's book is subtitled "Policing Black Men."  And it is essential.

What is a chokehold?  A common technique used by law enforcement, often on African-American men, where the individual is told to comply but their not able to because they cannot breathe.  Thus, the technique becomes in turn a fight for compliance (the officer) and survival (the suspect).

Morning Radio: Seeds

Walk on music from 89 to 91.

"Kick out the Style bring back the Jam."  If you don't understand that line, you do not understand music in the 80's.

For Dare.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Began To Build Myself A Birdhouse (Fourth Draft)

i began to build myself a birdhouse

low and narrow
maybe for a sparrow

the wood
colorful and bright
to glow in the night
to entice
i sat seed

over the hole
i built a latch
to spring a hatch
to trap her

and there she stayed
till her wings
did fray
so she couldn't fly away

and after her last
a year did pass


i began to build myself a birdhouse

low and narrow
maybe for a sparrow

Friday, August 18, 2017

Morning Radio: Kristy!

And, perfection is amongst us.

In every sense of the word.

At least my idea of perfection. So camp.  So vamp.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Troubled Man's Home (Fourth Draft)

A troubled man's home
is surrounded by weeds

each weed 
a trouble:

the brier weed, 
the debts he cannot repay

the short clump weed, 
his inability to escape the place where trouble surrounds him

the flowering weed, 
his refusal to turn away from temptation

the milk weed, 
his addiction to bodily poisons

the ground ivy weed,
his unwillingness to stop his troubles from spreading  

the tall whip weed, 
his want to get so easily lost

the bindweed,
his obsession with the vile, immoral, and unlawful

the dandelion weed,
his incessant fear that, at any moment, it can all just be blown away

the dry weed,
his lack of caring that he does not want to cultivate his soul, heart, and mind

the dead weed,
his ever present fear of death, which chokes off his ability to ever feel 

Morning Radio: Burns and Carson

Two long lost classics.

How I miss them.