Monday, September 26, 2016

Morning Radio: : Better Clothes

Monday.  Long week ahead.

Making the most out of everything.

New music.

New books.

New art.

Here's Crooked Man with his new single.

DFA does it again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten: September 21, 2016

10.  Charles Bukowski's You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense.   Bukowski will go down as one of the great poets of our times.  Not because he is or was, but because those whose voices speak the loudest believe he was.

Poetry was almost dead when Bukowski exploded on the scene.  The popular notion was that the best poetry in the late 20th century was Pseudo-Americana/Buddhist/Hippy bullshit.  After Bukowski, that changed.  The best poetry was like Bukowski himself, punk, dirty, and real.

Of course, this is a long view concept of poetry in the last century.  Those who actually worked in the poem business (publishers, editors, etc.) realize that, as an art form, poetry never really changed that much because of Bukowski.

But damn, he sure did make it seem like it did.

9.  Who's/Whose.  Who's means "Who is" or "Who has."  "Whose" is the possessive form of the word "Who" such as "Whose books are those?"

8.  I have realized that one of the greatest actors of my generation was David Lee Roth.  In the 70's and 80's, he played the part of an American Rock God.  And he sold the world on that role.  

However, now see Roth.  Just a geeky Las Vegas schmaltzy vaudeville singer who tells everybody that the whole Rock God thing was just an act.  That he was just a goofy Doctor's kid from Pasadena.

Now that's showmanship.

Nobody did the Rock God thing better.  The hair.  The moves.  The kicks.  The voice.

7.  Zapp's potato chips (Voodoo flavor).  Uhhhh, un-frickin-believable.

6.  Kendall's Meat Market, jalapeno beans and fried okra, with country ribs and sweet tea.  Support your local businesses.  Jobs for Hobbs.  Every dollar you spend locally will bounce back to you.

It's very easy, it's just a choice.

5.  My sister gives you a tour of Paisley Park, Prince's home.  And you will see the elevator where Prince was found.

4.  My Dinner With Andre.  A fantastic, strange, revealing movie about life.

3.   M.I.A. "Double Trouble Bubble."  The most fantastic of fantastics.

2.  "Live Your Life Like You're Kanye."

1.  And GQ finally makes into the 21st century.  Where have you been boys, where have you been?  Are you bringing that to America?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Morning Radio: The Great Underrated


All the great underrated guitarists.

Not to mention the overrated.

But the one who is hardly ever mentioned.  The one who shredded rock licks while funk was being played all round him.

The one who could play heavy metal, jazz, soul, funk, country, and salsa.

The who who freed his mind so his ass could follow.

The great underrated.

Maybe the greatest of them all.

Ah, Eddie.

No not Van Halen, but Hazel.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Morning Radio: Can


I have the eyes of an only child.

That's what my mother used to say.

England had Pink Floyd.

America had Beefheart.

Germany had Can.

Here's Can.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Morning Radio: Avalanches


Mixtapes all weekend.


Nothing achieving.

Back porch early evenings.


Boca Burgers.

This is the new video from The Avalanches.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Morning Radio: Toro, Toro, Toro

Monday.  Slept hard.  Dreamt in fits.  Little patches of thoughts coming in and out of my head.

Nothing to tie them together with.

Slept at hard angles.

Books falling in and out of my reach.

Music on all night.

Buck Owens.

Wu Tang.


Chick Corea.

Zeke with the first pick.

And this:

Top Ten: August 22, 2016

10.  The forgotten man in all of this craziness:

Yes, as the world turns, he just sits quietly waiting for his confirmation hearing.

Dignified and solid.

The Senate may want to confirm him as fast as possible.  Because the next president may withdraw his name and offer a vastly more liberal nominee.

Judge Garland, you've done good brother.

9.  In Hobbs, Kendall's Country Meat Market.  Best jerky in town, best okra in town, best jalapeƱo beans in town.  Homemade.  Here in Hobbs.  Jobs for Hobbs.  Every dollar you spend locally bounces back to you.

It's really easy, it's just a choice.  Spend locally or spend where the money goes elsewhere.

Every time I see the parking lot full at Dickey's, I just laugh at myself.  The best country ribs are at Kendall's.  Better price.  Better service.  And the corn on the to dream about.

8.  While at school, when a child is suspected of delinquent acts and is questioned in front of a law enforcement officer, the child is entitled to be informed of his rights under Miranda even if the law enforcement officer isn't doing the questioning, but rather it's a school administrator who is asking the questions.  State v. Antonio T., 2015-NMSC-019.

7.  Gaby's Burritos at Grimes and Marland.  Jobs for Hobbs.  Every dollar you spend locally bounces back to you.  Best damn burritos in town.  My all the time morning destination.  Made the old-fashioned way.  Made the right way.

It's really easy, it's just a choice.  Jobs for Hobbs.  Every dollar spent locally bounces back to you.

6.   "I Live Inside" by Michelle Leon, a memoir of her time in punk's Babes In Toyland.  No holds barred.  Short, sharp, shocks of realism.  Ultimate sadness.  And then ultimate redemption.

5.  The collage work of Lance Letscher:

4.  Kay Starr all day, and all night.  Oh, the absolute glam of those 60's variety shows.

3.  Now, the only question is: Just how large will the radius be of Trump's mushroom cloud?  Will the fallout be huge or slight?  How much damage can he do from here till early November?

2.  This song:

1.  "He illuminates the universe;
       His spiritual body, ethereal and pure;
       Has the thirty-two perfect signs;
       With the eighty kinds of excellence
       Is his spiritual body adorned."

      Good Morning to each and every one.