Thursday, March 30, 2017

Morning Radio: Monk


On point.

Or, as my First Shirt used to say, "Chavez, you're on point.  Get up there!"

A human as a dream.

A man as vapor.

A person as fog.

To live your life as an art piece.

To be born an art piece.

A sculpture come to life.

To so many of us, here is God.

Here is Monk.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Morning Radio: The Rev


On point.

Thrift stores and antique galleries.

Goodwills and Good Samaritans.

Nothing more grand than finding an old C.L. Franklin or James Cleveland in the mix.

Music so good that it drips in beauty.

Drips in sweat.

No fake back-up singers in the bunch.

No, Rev. Cleveland's back-up singers were the greatest in all the land.

They were from all over.

From churches far and wide.

Here's the Rev.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Must See: Oh, James Baldwin, Where Have You Gone, A Lonely Nation....

If O.J.: Made In America had not been a documentary, and would have been entered into the "Best Film" of the year for lat year's Oscars, it would have won (or, should have won.)

It was an 8 hour behemoth of a film, and so much better than The People v. O.J. Simpson.

No, Made In America is shockingly good and thorough.  Breathtaking in its expanse.  Awesome in its work ethic.

But, one piece of art that challenges Made in America is Raoul Peck's new film I Am Not Your Negro.

Peck's film is an exercise based on the great author, James Baldwin's, unfinished last work, Remember This House.

But more, it's a film concerning the civil rights movement in America.

A movement, like Baldwin's last book, which is unfinished.

Baldwin and Peck speak for me with this work.  They speak for the numerous disenfranchised individuals all over the world, but especially in America.

They should speak for you as well.

Where Made In America speaks to how racism can entangle it's victims to act on its behalf, Negro holds up a mirror to society and reflects racism back on itself.

Peck has directed a masterpiece.

A gloved back fist held up high on every medium that displays its extraordinary images.

Morning Radio: Phair


On point.

Taking trips to Chicago.  Always hazy.


Frost and snow.

Snow and frost.

Never been as cold, never will be again.

Didn't want to land.  Wished the pilot would just keep flying south.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Morning Radio: Big Time


On point.

The Journal editorial is the future of criminal justice in America.

The future.

DA's throughout the United States are going to have to start choosing what should be prosecuted and what shouldn't.

They are going to have to utilize discretion.

Real discretion, based on policy choices, the want of their constituents, and dollars and cents.

No longer can they do it all.

Here's Rick:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Morning Radio: You and I


On point.

Buffalo, New York.

Stone City.

Late 70's.

Rickenbacker bass.

Loud party's.

Loud music.