Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morning Radio: New Aphex Twin

It's Thursday.  Two days before the three day.

In New Mexico, the birds sing from just before dawn to sometime around noon.  When things here start to melt.

Then they get quiet.

Perched on the low limbs, to catch all the shadow.

William Copley's show in Houston right now is bringing in so much praise.  A forgotten artist, who is forgotten no more.

Use your to show possession, and you're for "you are" or you've for "you have."

Hank Williams was brilliant because he kept things simple.  Simple melody, simple lyric, and simple title.

It is very hard to write something and to keep it simple.

To mix the absurd with reason.

Here's new Apex Twin:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two Books of Poetry

Inspired by a leading constitutional scholar, who fell back in love with the constitution by memorizing a poem about Paul Revere.  And, his realization of how poetry assisted him in learning about history.

A book of poems about law and the constitution to be released next Constitution Day, each poem four stanzas long.  Easy to memorize texts about that ever important document.

And, a book of poems and songs: "Hymnal For Now: A Book of Hymns."

Morning Radio: Neil and the Needle

It's Wednesday.  Whatever happens doesn't always happen for a reason.  Sometimes chaos intervenes.

I can still smell the cloves from last night.

You never took the needle from the record.  The run-out groove has been playing for seven hours straight.

In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre.  The thief intended to take the painting from France and deliver it back to Italy.  He believed that was its rightful home.

Nobody noticed its absence for almost eight days.

A photograph exist of the four bare iron hooks from where the picture was supposed to be hanging, but wasn't.

Some absences are missed more suddenly.

Some absence are greater than the Mona Lisa's.

What ails us now, will be the perfect medicine in the future.

Brimstone and treacle, my love, brimstone and treacle.

Here's Neil.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An E-Mail

I got an e-mail from an old friend.

Who just happens to be one of the best young attorneys I know.

Simply superb.

He started out the e-mail nice but then held me to task for what he felt were unfair statements I had made regarding Dianna Luce.

He was right.

I was wrong.

The recent reversals in the cases I noted, our not the fault of Dianna Luce.

And the recent reversal in the Johnnie Brown case was a matter having more to do with the judge's decision than with the prosecutors.

I apologize to Dianna Luce, and to the prosecutor, in the Brown case.

My old friend: (1) is young but wiser than his years, (2) he always had the courage of his convictions, and (3) always had the ability to look me in the eye and say "Your dead wrong."

At some point and time, I believe I said back to him, as a matter of friendship, if I'm wrong I will admit it.

Well, as he correctly noted, I was wrong in all my recent writings over the last week dealing with the recent reversals and attempting to shift blame to Dianna Luce.

I will aim to do better.

Miss you Brother.  Miss you more than you know.

What Is Economics?

If you understand this, then you will understand why Brexit will fail in the short term, succeed for a time afterwards, and fail in the long term.

Economics is a system of trust.

A system of trust that denotes itself in currency, loans, and other symbols of nothing more than "trust."

The bank trust you with a loan.  The store trust you with a dollar.  You trust a nation when you buy bonds.  You trust a company when you buy stocks.

America should have failed when WWI, the great depression, and WWII occurred.

But it didn't.


Because America had trust in it's people.  And the people had trust in their leaders (both government and financial).

However, other nations also had trust in America and its massive work force.  And, its seemingly endless supply of resources.

England doesn't have that trust amongst other nations.  So, in the short term, other nations (and financiers) will stand back from investing in England.  This will cause a short-term economic downturn.

But, if England stands firm with Brexit, the British will claim that they would rather have freedom over economic security.  They will rally the tribe.  Rattle the nationalistic notions that is buried deep in all of us.

But then the higher taxes over years will set in.  The unemployment over years will set in.  The old notions of the dole and a bad health industry will set in.

And, then England will rest under the grayness of it all.

It will see Germany and Italy basking in a system of trust.

And why?

Because Germany and Italy will not be islands.  Islands floating all by themselves.  No, Germany and Italy will rest assured that when their industries have a down year, other members of the EU will rise.

Brexit is a step toward nationalism.  But not a step toward a free market.  And, in the end, not a step toward trust.

And, because of that it will be bad economics.

Administration of the Courts: Great Job on the New Site

The New Mexico Court's website got an overhaul, and it looks stunning.

The interface needs a little more work, but there are wonderful features on there as well.

A link for the interpreters and a clear self-help link is absolutely golden.

AOC did a magnificent job!

Morning Radio: The Only Way

It's Tuesday.  If you place a shell up yo your ear, you can hear the entire ocean.

Waves are breaking over the beach.

And I feel the mist.

Reading The Story of Art by Gombrich and understanding more as each day passes.

The classics are the best.

Here is a classic.  It always best.