Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rodney Porter, Hobbs Investigator, Great Taste In Music

So I finally got the belt tapes of a Rodney Porter investigation.

Rodney and I disagree on the outcome of cases, but I like Rodney because he's old school, and for all his faults he isn't a bullshitter, and he looks you in the eye when he talks to you, and because he reminds me of some old deputy you'd see in a bad remake of "No Country for Old Men."

So in the belt tape, Rodney shows his true colors.....

The belt tape starts with him in his unit switching the radio back and forth and, for chrissakes, this dude has good taste in music.

He goes from Van Halen


Ted Nugent


Old-School Stones.

But its frustrating, because he keeps switching the songs midway through, at about 2 minutes into each song...


he comes to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer"..........

of which he listens to the WHOLE WAY THROUGH

and hums along.

Rodney, I love you man.

You made my day.

If the rest of the Task Force wants a copy of this tape, I'm selling them at a dollar a piece.

You guys will love it.

Mistrial In Clovis; Stover Calls Wrong Pathologist to Stand

Brian Stover, ex-Hobbs prosecutor, with a somewhat checkered past, who found a landing sport in Clovis called the wrong pathologist to the stand in a murder trial in Clovis and the judge called:


Oh, the cost, the price

The price of the prosecutors, and the panel of jurors that were called, and the Judge, and the bailiff, and the jury that was actually selected, and the court monitor, and the jail transportation team, and the cost of the Court, and the court clerks, and the sheriff's who delivered subpoenas, and the court interpreters who interpreted for members of the jury......


$20,000 down the drain.


Stover?  For reals?  For really reals? No, for really, really, really reals?

The wrong friggin' pathologist? At a murder trial?

Read that here:

And, while that was happening, Rodney Porter, a Hobbs Task Force Investigator, hung his head in shame and said to himself:  "You mean the Hobbs D.A.'s office has no investigators in their office?"

And, in true Rodney Porter fashion, he must have said:  "You've got to be shitting me.  No, you're shitting me, right?  Seriously, are you shitting me? Please tell me you're shitting me."

Chief McCall and Deputy Chief Dunlap of the Hobbs Police Department have their officer's carry the water for Dianna Luce while her office spends money after one inefficient Assistant D.A. to another inefficient Assistant D.A..

Dianna "Who Needs Investigators When Chief McCall Will Do My Work For Me" Luce.  Really?

Talk about cost shifting.

I called out Hicks for this because she knows if Hobbs and Carlsbad law enforcement ever figure out how she has completely duped them..........

Well, there would be a revolt among the force.

So she resigned.

Luce looks officers in the eyes and says "I respect you" but her actions betray her words.

Officers respect TRUTH?  They hate backstabbers.

Will Chief McCall keep picking up the tab for Dianna "No Investigators Needed" Luce or will he use that money to hire new officers (like Dianna "I Don't Need Cops In My Office" Luce hires Assistant D.A.'s), or give raises, or hire support staff, or buy some new units for his frontline officers?

Do his frontline officers mean anything to him in the same way it seems that Luce's Assistant D.A's mean to her?  Luce has seduced McCall into having McCall's officers do Luce's job for her, while she gets to spend her budget money on conferences in luxury places.

C'mon Chrissy! You're being duped.

The frontline officers and the detectives know the ineffectiveness, neglect, and inefficiency from the D.A.'s firsthand.  They see the dismissals.  They see the long waits. They see young, know-it-all Assistant D.A.'s who talk down to them and treat them like crap.

Is McCall listening to them? Is Dunlap listening to them?

Chris, Brian.......they are telling you the truth.

Hey guys, if you leave your positions in Hobbs don't worry about looking for a position at the Hobbs D.A.'s office.


They don't hire law enforcement there.


They don't respect law enforcement enough to give them a place at the table at the District Attorney's Hobbs/Carlsbad offices.

Hobbs Public, support the everyday frontline officers/detectives at the Hobbs P.D................Demand that Luce resign or hire investigators immediately.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hobbs Chief of Police

You are picking up the tab every day for the DA's office from not having an investigator.

Every day.

Your budget is dwindling.  And a budget is a zero sum game.

Ask your frontline officers: How much time do you spend in magistrate court waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting..........

Never to be called.

And if the DA's office had an investigator in Hobbs, those officer could be on the street, with their families, or getting rest.

And all that overtime, down time, court time could go back into your budget.

Hobbs police you have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and fooled to pay for the DA's office's own negligence.

Non-relevant police witnesses being called because the DA's office doesn't spend the time to filter out who really needs to be called before handing out subpoenas en masse.

Screwing with your BUDGET.

Don't believe me, ask your officers.

Shoobridge Plea Docket

It is 8 AM.

Ten days ago Judge Shoobridge who is one of the most organized Judges in the State, and the most efficient......

And his staff who always have their crap together,

issued an Order for plea day.

That day is today.

I have over 8 cases going today, and the only DA to get me paperwork for one of those pleas is GWEN GIST.

She is the only one that is prepared.

The rest of the pleas will be given to me ten minutes prior to the hearing.

I hope Judge Shoobridge takes note and issues sanctions.

He was ready.

His staff is ready.

The defendants are ready.

The Defense Counsel cannot be ready because of the District Attorney's Office, Hobbs Division.

This is sad.

You have a right to know just how unprepared they are.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dianna "No Law Enforcement Need Apply" Luce Next DA? Uh.....Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So.


You mean the prosecutor who heads up the office (The Hobbs DA Office) that houses no investigators?


Having no investigator in your Hobbs office is like asking your Hobbs office staff to work with no computers.......or typewriters............or pencils.

Dianna Luce?

You mean the Dianna Luce who hands out pleas based on how compliant defense attorneys are?  "Be a good puppy Johnny and you get another plea." And you know what, in Hobbs, Johnny obeys.  Like a good little boy, rather than fight and hold the State to their duties, which is why the DA's office has become as enabled as they've become.

That Dianna Luce?

Why would Roswell have investigators but Hobbs not a single one?

You mean the Dianna Luce that has permitted that to happen?

That Dianna Luce?

If she says we have tried to hire investigators in Hobbs but can't find any, law enforcement in Lea County should be pissed.  There are many good officers in Lea County.

If she says we don't have money to house investigators in Hobbs, law enforcement in Lea County should be pissed.  You can't pay enough for a good investigator.  And she's hired Assistant DA after Assistant DA.  But can't find the money for a Hobbs Investigator?  No Dianna that doesn't fly.

That Dianna Luce?

You mean the Dianna Luce who hired Erik Scramlin and continues to accept his unpreparedness.

That Dianna Luce?

If Scramlin would work for any DA other than one he has a mommy complex with he would be fired in one minute.

You mean that Dianna Luce?

Dianna Luce?


Court Watch (Hobbs): Jury Slams Scramlin and Perrino in 13 Minutes, or Scramlin Part IV

You're wondering right now....did you read that headline right?


Yes.  13 minutes is what it took for a jury to return a "not guilty" verdict.


13 minutes.

A whole day jury trial, a number of witnesses called for.......are you ready.....a 13 minute verdict for a jury to tell the prosecutors, Erik Scramlin and Dominick Perrino, that the case was a waste of time.

Do you know how much that trial cost the State of New Mexico?

The Judge.

Two Prosecutors.

A Bailiff.

A Court Reporter.

The Courthouse.

The witnesses.  (Numerous members of law enforcement testified.)

12 to 13 Jury members. (Yes they get paid a very minimal, minimal fee)

Transport teams from the jail.

All together, that trial cost somewhere around $30,000.

$30,000 for 13 MINUTES of jury deliberation.

If you ever needed proof that this District Attorney's Office does not know how to weed out good cases from bad cases, this case gives you all the proof that you need.

Perrino and Scramlin should hang their head in shame.

They just costs the taxpayers a butt-load money for 13 Minutes.

Barry Crutchfield argued the case for the defense.

Court Watch: Jury Trial (Carlsbad): Drew Inman Kicks Satan's Ass

On Friday, in front of Judge Read in Carlsbad Magistrate Court, a jury listened to a DWI trial.

Drew Inman argued for the State.  His opponent:  Satan.

Inman won and afterwards simply stated that it was a good trial.

Satan on the other hand threw his pitchfork down after the verdict and pointed his horns at a crowd of onlookers.

Inman, ever the prosecutor, thought about bringing an assault case against Satan, but then giggled at the thought of the style of the case:  State of New Mexico vs. Satan.  (Such a styling might confuse certain people that the State of New Mexico is suing its own Governor.)

After the case a stunning occurrence happened: Satan attempted to exhale a large fireball into the courtroom, but instead only burned the tip of his nose and singed his eyebrows.

It seems that Satan is losing some of his powers.